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Lesson Programs

There is no doubt that you will enjoy SLCC more if you can learn to play up to your potential.

The Golf Professionals at the club can set up a teaching and learning program through the season that is tailored just for you.  You will learn faster on a program basis, but we also give lessons on a one-time basis (a quick fix if you will).  

Communication is the backbone of instruction, so if you feel you and your teacher do not communicate well, please feel free to change professionals.  You will not hurt our feelings because your improvement is our main concern.

Each spring, clinics are offered to the ladies by the golf staff, as well.  These clinics are basically for beginners or for those needing to brush-up on the fundamentals.  The clinics cover all facets of the game of golf.  The golf staff also offers clinics throughout the season that are structured to a specific skill. These clinics are perfectly suited for 4 or 5 students and work to enhance parts of each player’s golf game. Lesson hours are flexible and every attempt is made to fit your busy schedule.  Private lessons are scheduled with your pro of choice by appointment only.  If, for some reason, you cannot make your appointment or if you are going to be late, a phone call is appreciated.

SLCC also has the latest video and computer software to help students see what is going on with his/her swing. Your PGA golf staff takes great pride in helping you lower your handicap.  We want you to improve.  Give us a call!


Josh Lathwell, PGA Head Golf Professional
$75 per lesson (45-60 minutes)
(616) 850-1156

Ray Davis, PGA Assistant Golf Professional
$65 per lesson (45-60 minutes)
(616) 850-1154

Brandon Jamieson, PGA Assistant Golf Professional
$50 per lesson (45-60 minutes)
(616) 850-1154